Chicken in a Red Pepper sauce with Courgettes Rosti and Chardonnay

Back at home another family favourite, chicken in a red pepper sauce. This is a dish where there is a real choice of red or white wine. The chicken is grilled and the red pepper sauce is sweet but a bit piquant.  Normally this comes on a bed of salad leaves with some sautée potatoes, but the courgettes are overproducing so D presented a large round of courgettes rösti which is delicious and surprises everyone encountering it for the first time.

We would often choose a light red like a Beaujolais or lighter Rhone, but tonight we wanted to try a more substantial white. I got out another bottle of Les Setilles (the last of the 06). This demonstrated that a decent white burgundy has the depth to cope with a (slightly) challenging sauce; the chicken is not the issue here. Once again we reflected on the quality you get for a proper chardonnay from Burgundy at just under a tenner from The Wine Society.

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