Cod baked with Mayonnaise, Potatoes & Onions and a Chilean Sauvignon

An apparent contradiction – comfort food for the developing autumn yet it’s fish. This became a family standard as soon as we discovered that this unexpected combination worked so well. The caramelised onion plays against the possible blandness of the cod and the covering of mayonnaise adds both flavour and some protection against overcooking the fish. D served it with purple sprouting broccoli, local, fresh and tastier than the ordinary kind and a crunchy contrast to the fish.

This needs a clean sharp wine given the rich mayonnaise, but its straightforwardness doesn’t rate anything too grand. I brought up another bottle of Vina Maipo Sauvignon Reserve from Chile via Sainsbury’s.  This I had snapped up on offer for a mere £3.99 a few months back and is a basic sauvignon with characteristic flavours if a rather disappointing nose. Any well-made basic sauvignon would work here as would a number of the more piquant whites from Portugal, Spain or France, but expect to pay at least a pound, probably two pounds more than my bargain price.

I must try a Picpoul de Pinet with this some day. A Muscadet would be too light I suspect.

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