A Riesling Aperitif

The wine was a Ruppertsberger, Hoheburg 2009 Riesling Kabinett, just 10.5% alcohol and £6.50 from the Wine Society.

It is decidedly off-dry; the WS rates it as a 3 on its 1 – 9 scale from bone dry to ultimate sweet. But it is full and fruity with just a hint of spice, very interesting to sip before a meal, but beware any nibbles you might serve it with. The nuts and the Japanese rice crackers were fine, but even our finest, plainest crisps were too crude.

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2 Responses to A Riesling Aperitif

  1. Is it only any good as an aperitif (can’t do accents)?

    • No, not just an aperitif. I like it with delicately smoked fish like salmon or trout. It will also work with subtler sorts of charcuterie and lighter Thai and Chinese dishes. This off-dry type copes particularly well with ginger.

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