Exceptional Meatballs – Paşa Köftesi

<p>Just about everyone seems to like meatballs which may account for the huge number of different recipes. Last night D tried a new one from our favourite source – Turkey. This came via Ozlem’s blog from Ozcan Ozan’s The Sultan’s Kitchen. Put simply, large meatballs are topped with very garlicky mashed potato then placed in a tomato and red pepper based sauce and the whole is casseroled. There is a little cumin in the meatballs, a lot of garlic in the potato and the contrast with the fruity sauce is wonderful. This one immediately joins the list of family favourites.

A new dish is not a time to experiment with wine. We fell back on our old favourite Guigal’s 2005 Cote du Rhone – juicy enough not to be compromised by the tomatoes and with the backbone and intensity for the spiced meat and the garlic. Pretty well perfect.

The fact that our house reds tend to be from the Rhone is intimately linked with our love of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. We love clarets and burgundies, but they are better suited to more classically European dishes.

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