Pork Casserole with a Fruity Claret

The casserole combines pork and prunes with the late addition of spinach. D got the recipe from a magazine and insists that it has all the hallmarks of Sybil Kapoor’s authorship. We hadn’t tried it before, but it was really good.

I often choose a Beaujolais with pork, but that is because of the affinity of Beaujolais with fruits like the apple or pear that pork is often cooked with. Here the prunes are much richer and no complement to Beaujolais, though I still want something fruity to set against the pork. I went for one of my ‘little’ clarets, Chateau La Croix Canon 2005, Canon-Fronsac. It is a hefty 14% alcohol, but then 2005 was a big year. I bought it some time ago from the Wine Society for £8.86 – perhaps £11.00 bought retail today. (By the way these non-price-point prices arise from buying wine by the case and dividing by 12, or, for mixed cases like this one, scaling a case price to the by-the-bottle prices of individual wines. I did say I was handy with a spreadsheet.)

The Society says of the wine that it is mostly Merlot and is an “… exceptionally stylish and fragrantly fruity claret.” Amen to that. It had a wonderfully fruity nose and delivered a palate high in plums and integrated tannins – classic. I had decanted it, so it was very clean-tasting. This made for a rich taste combination, offset by the dark, but edgy taste of spinach. A great success and the casserole goes into the recipe collection.

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