Pork Chops with Lentils and a Beaujolais

The lentils are the base of a salsa that is liberally dosed with lemon – a much lighter treatment than is associated with the word ‘lentils’ – and a good balance to the broad taste and fatty tendency of pork.

This is almost in white wine territory, but it would need a big one; Pinot Gris comes to mind. But tonight I chose a fruity red, a Beaujolais, Morgon Cote du Py, Jean-Marc Burgaud 2006 that had come from the Wine Society at £8.95. This is big for a Beaujolais, quite tannic and famous for ageing well. It is now in its prime with lots of Gamay fruit and the tannins softened by a few years in bottle it makes a good round mouthful.

We were very happy with the combination, but it was rather rounder than I would have preferred with this dish. I don’t often say of a red wine that it would have been better for being a bit sharper, by which I mean showing more fruity acidity, but I say so here. A brighter, fresherBeaujolaiswould have been a bit better though it would still require some backbone – perhaps a Chénas or a Brouilly.

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