Lamb Steak & Ratatouille with Rhone

As we progress into the late summer (somewhere, not here) and peppers and aubergines become plentiful, it’s time for ratatouille. Tonight D paired it with grilled lamb (leg) steaks. To mop up the juice we used some of D’s bread. Simple is best and this is simple, but only if you have had enough practice at assembling a really good ratatouille; D has.

I chose a Cote du Rhone in honour of the grilled lamb with its stripes of almost caramelized meat. The wine was Vacqueyras, Cuvée de St-Roch, Domaine les Clos des Cazaux 2005, quite a mouthful in every way. It is 14.5% alcohol and cost £8.58 a couple of years ago from the Wine Society. Its drinking window is expected to be 2009 – 2015. The Society described it as “… astonishing … full, flavoured and peppery”. So it is, and with a good helping of tannin. It impressed, particularly with its balance of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. I am going to drink the remaining couple of bottles in the next year or two as I don’t want this to get any smoother; at present it is notably peppery and spicy which works well with the kind of food we eat. Right now there is enough fruity acidity from the Grenache, pepper from the Syrah and spice from the Mourvedre to give some real character to the blend. We liked it a lot.

I note that it is still available from Goedhuis & Co at a similar price. Recommended.

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