Plaice with Basil and Tomatoes with Muscadet

The Muscadet was Chateau l’Oiselinière de la Ramée 2009 – an exceptional year for the region and the appelation. It came from the Wine Society at £7.95 and is 12% alcohol. This is not rock bottom Muscadet and that was immediately apparent from the honey aromas in the glass. When tasted it retained this fruity sweetness though it is of course bone dry; that doesn’t have to mean sharp, only that all the sugar has been fermented out. Thanks to the exceptional conditions of the vintage the fruit seems especially ripe. You still couldn’t call this full, but you could certainly call it fruity; it just isn’t the salty-dry Muscadet we are used to. That raised questions about how it would work with this dish. I would normally drink a Sauvignon Blanc, ideally of the fruity,New World style and in a way this 2009 is the Muscadet equivalent of that New World Sauvignon – very good. I am looking forward to drinking my remaining 2009 Loire Sauvignons and Muscadets.

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