Salmon with Herbs and Two Chilean Chardonnays

The herbs are parsley, tarragon and basil, all from the garden or a pot (the basil). The courgettes are also from the garden, but we have to buy potatoes now that we have exhausted the produce from our potato bags. The salmon is marinaded in the herbs before frying and the strength of the tarragon and basil are very apparent.

The Wine Society’s Chilean Chardonnay, Limari Valley 2010 is 14% alcohol and costs £5.95. It is made for the Wine Society by
Concha y Toro. This is characteristic Chardonnay part way between the purer Australian style like Jacob’s Creek and a junior Burgundy. There is plenty of fruit and just a hint of oak, but it is a bit short of minerality for me. It is clean, no one will find this in any way challenging, but good value.

Leyda Reserva Chardonnay 2010 is 14% alcohol and costs £6.50. It is made by Wines of Chile, though purchased from the Wine Society. This differs in being significantly more mineral. The fruit leans more to the citrous and away from melon and pineapple, the oak is similarly subtle, but the big difference is the stronger minerality and the persistence of the finish. This is pretty good and the one we continued to drink through the meal. At its higher price it should be a bit better, but for me the taste difference more than justified the higher price. I would buy this again.

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