Where we’re at

Given the emphasis on wine with food and with company, you should perhaps know something about the grapeguru household and surroundings – the menage and mise-en-scene if you’re feeling continental.

Cooking is in the hands of D, long term partner and the best domestic cook I know.  D has an amazingly discriminating palate and a lot of practice in the kitchen.  She discovered long ago that cooking is one of the world’s great crafts and can’t see the point of going to weekly pottery classes to express herself when she can do it every day in her own kitchen and for an appreciative audience.

Occasional members include our three children who have left home. They all know their way around a menu, a vegetable shop, a butcher’s (well OK not the vegetarian) and a herb garden.  This they learned at our table and is at least one reason they still visit.

We live in a small market town where you can still buy real food – fresh, unprocessed and often organic.  We have butchers, vegetable shops, bakers, a cheese shop, a deli and a wine merchant plus the usual chains.  We also have regular farmers’ markets and can buy poultry and pig products direct from local farms.  We have our own small vegetable and herb gardens.

That means shopping daily for fresh food. And fresh food is seasonal food.

2 Responses to Where we’re at

  1. I came upon your site today when looking up Pascal Poussevin (yes, it does sound made up!!)’s Grande Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot which we enjoyed at the week-end with roast pheasant. I was very pleasantly surprised to find your blog and all it contains – very interesting, down to business – and earth – and informed and informative! It appears to be a new site – ? Keep up the good work! We’ll be visiting it frequently. I am intrigued to know which small market town you live in as we’re always looking for that kind of place where traditional values survive and real shops sell real food. We live near Market Harborough in Leicestershire which has those, including Duncan Murray’s wine shop (also on line!) and a monthly farmers’ market.

    • Thanks, glad you like it. It is fairly new so I have much more to add, particularly to the static pages so keep watching this space.
      As you will know, the downside of small market towns is that everybody knows everybody else and I prefer to remain incognito – I may need to be critical at some point. I will say, however, that we are way to the west of you, while still in the Midlands. If you are as interested in real food as you clearly are, I assure you that you have already heard of it.

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