Fino Sherry

Trademark qualities: fresh, tangy, appetising

Try it with: Ham, chorizo, olives

In general it goes with: tapas like olives, nuts, Serrano ham, chorizo etc. but also with some soups.  Actually it’s also good with the small grilled fish typical of the Mediterranean.

This style of wine:

There is a lot of prejudice about sherry, but Fino is like no other wine.  Manzanilla comes close and is also a sherry, but other sherries and sherry imitators are heavier and usually sweeter. Fino is the great secret; one of the world’s finest wines, available at its purest and highest-quality for under £10 a bottle.

It is made with a single grape variety, the Palomino (another variety, Pedro Ximenez is used to make sweet sherries) and only the juice from the first pressing, when the grapes are pressed under their own weight, is used

Fino is a wine; it is not fortified with spirits so, once opened, it needs to be drunk.  It is drunk cool, with food – tapas or soup – not at all like the sweet sticky stuff your grandmother drank with Christmas cake.

Hidalgo, Tio Pepe and Fino Elegante are the most easily obtainable and even the most pernickety wine buff should appreciate any of them.

Keeping: Fino is sold ready to drink and should be drunk as soon as the bottle is opened.  The production system means that there is no year on the bottle and it does not benefit from bottle ageing.  Unopened bottles should only be kept for 6 – 12 months.  Don’t confuse it with cream or sweet sherries which will keep even after the bottle is opened.


  • Everyday/Party            £6.00
  • Informal Dinner           £8 – 10
  • Impress the Boss Dinner        £8 – 10 It just isn’t expensive.
  • Investors Only             Not applicable


Overall: Extraordinary value, sophisticated, but too tangy for some.

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