Wine Glass Rant

Who designs wine glasses?  Who sells them?  Do they drink out of them?  Do they wash them?  Put them in a dishwasher?  Haven’t they noticed?

What?  That a glass that holds 50cl to the rim is far too big.  You should only fill a wineglass 1/3 full, but even a third of that glass, 16.5cl, is too much.  A standard 75cl bottle is reckoned to hold 6 glasses (9 units at 12% alcohol), that’s 12.5cl, 1.5 units per glass.  16.5cl is one third more than 12.5cl, 2 units, so if you are using glasses to count units you will be way off.  Far better not to have to measure cl, but be able to trust the size of your glass.

What #2? That any glass more than about 160mm tall won’t fit most dishwashers?  And with dinner plates going the same way as wine glasses – bigger must be better – any lowering of the top shelf to take the wine glasses reduces the height of the bottom shelf which has to take bigger plates.  Who thinks these are good ideas?

Some of us drink wine practically every day.  Why should we have to hand-wash glasses?  Why should we be led towards larger glassfuls?

I don’t want a return to the mean little Paris goblets of yesteryear, but surely a 40cl glass of not much more than 150mm height is just fine for everyday drinking.  Please tell me where I can get something simple, elegant, not too big and dishwasher-proof.

P.S. I do have a few Riedels for special occasions and I’m happy to hand wash them.

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