This is about enjoying wine, usually with food and always with company.

It is about affordable wine that is available here, in the UK, without too much difficulty – even from supermarkets.

Any fool can buy expensive wine; it’s almost all good, though not necessarily good value (some if it is just rare or fashionable).  The real trick is to be able to choose wine you can afford that is also well made, true to type and complements the food you are drinking it with – which is what I mean by ‘enjoyable’ and what I will try to help you to do.

For me food comes first; I’m not much interested in drinking wine on its own.  And no matter how good the food, if drunk with the wrong wine both the food and the wine will be diminished.  You shouldn’t be too purist about this, there often isn’t an ideal match, but getting a good one is a delight.  Above all, the continuing exploration is a daily pleasure.

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